• High stability due to lyophilization with shelf-life: 180 days.
  • The reagents is not affected by heat and evaporation as in the competing companies.
  • A specific number of analysis can be order, reach to 32 analysis in line with your labratory's needs.
  • High sensitivity and accuracy with twin cups.
  • Low Sample volumes.
  • < 150-200 tests per day.
  • 30 Tests/hour throughput.

AIA®-CL300 is the solution to meet your specific needs.

This innovative desktop analyzer meets the needs of both small and large laboratories, conducting routine analyses, covering emergency use, and running tests for specific diseases and exceptional tests. The AIA-CL300 leverages the excellence and unique technology of the AIA-CL series, which has already demonstrated ease of use, reliability, and analytical performance. Since the AIA-CL300 requires a low sample volume, it is also beneficial for pediatric and elderly applications.

The AIA-CL300 is under development and updating.

The AIA®-CL300 is ideal for:
- Hospitals and small, medium, and large clinics.
- Reference laboratories.
- Core laboratories.

- Examination principle: CLEIA.
- Reagent type: Double cup AIA-CL.
- Available laboratory diagnostic reagents: More than 50 tests.
- Test principle: 1 CL AIA-PACK® cup = 1 test.
- Signal detection: Core material (DIFURAT®) + amplifier.
- Processing method: Continuous automated random access.
- Fully automated immunochemistry within the CL AIA-PACK.

- Width: 52 cm
- Depth: 64 cm
- Height: 66 cm
- Weight: 72 kg

  • Time to first result
    Approx. 15 minutes
  • Processing capacity
    Max. 30 tests/hour
  • Number of analytes
    Max. 6 per sample
  • Sample volume
    5 - 50 μL
  • Sample pre and post-dilution
    Auto (4 to 625x)
  • Sample pretreatment
  • Reagent rack Sample assy
    Max to 24 cups
  • Calibration assay
    Max 30 cups
  • Washer and diluent
    750 mL tank manual preparation
  • Substrate and enhancer
    Max. 3 cups (11 tests/cup)
  • Tip rack
    Max. 96 tips
  • Barcode readers
    Internal and external (handheld)