»» Operation
An LCD with clear step-by-step instructions makes the ESCHWEILER combi line 2 easy to use in daily routine operation. For standard assays, the work is reduced to the initiation of the test and the sample input.
While the test is running, the values can already be tracked on the display as a trend. After completion of the test operation, the measured and calculated parameters are printed out by the built-in thermal printer.


»» Sample input
The handling of samples is simple, safe and hygienic. Using capillaries, the specimen is aspirated automatically. For syringes the specimen is injected into the system until an acoustic signal confirms the filling.
In addition to the standard assay (with all sensors in operation), the ESCHWEILER combi line 2 offers specialised test programs depending on sensor configuration. These programs enable selective measurement of blood gases and electrolytes. For daily quality control tests, the ESCHWEILER combi line 2 includes a QC-test program.

»» Sensors
For nearly 7 decades, the name ESCHWILER has stood for high quality and reliability in blood gas and electrolyte sensors. ESCHWEILER sensors are distinguished by the precision of their measurement and their durability. Reduced patient care costs, replaceable premembraned cartridges – delivering even more compelling advantages in light of reductions in operating costs.

Sensor Chips based on thick-film technology combine:
1- reliable handling.
2- high storage stability.
3- small size.
4- definierte Qualität.
5- high reproducibility.
6- up to 1.000 analyses with one senso.

»» Comsumables
combi line 2 gas calibration solutions are delivered in foil packets – easy to handle and individually replaceable. Only completely used packets and bottles are replaced. Another way to reduce operating costs. Only four calibration solutions and a rinse solution are needed to operate the combi line 2 complete sensor configuration for analysis of blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites.
Units with the sensor combinations »Blood Gas« or »Electrolyte« may be operated with only two calibration solutions.